Work Beyond Employment

It’s a specialized conglomerate of creators,

and project designers from around the globe.

OPENCREATORS changes future work behaviors

It designs the projects, creative experience, and future behavior covering concept, Product, Marketing, Sales, Strategic Partnership, Human resources.

And Our team and the associates cultivate the creators to become  the creative entrepreneurs to make more jobs.


J.Paul Kang

Cross-border business creator and He works in StepintoCity as CEO and founder and Life science / Bio tech committee member of Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce 

MIchaela Eo

Brand story creators and promiment graphic designer, Recently, She started to dig into Universal design sector


Timothy Cha

Co-founder of Opencreators and E-commerce business creator. Prior to Opencreators, He had worked in one of the major furniture companies.

Joseph Kang

Production management creator. He was an entrepreneur to found personal 3d printer manufacture start-up and  the owner of 90,000 makers'community  


Jack Lee

Creative Director of StepintoCity and CEO of Vreeze production. He is prominent designer in virtual reality production in meta verse world

We believe creators bring the real changes to human beings, which have happened through the collision of the culture between the traditional business professionals in the world. and all kind of creaters became the medium to connect the future workforce.


Creators management to cultivate and to be an creative entrepreneurs as well as lead them to make company

Creators Education & design blended experience program to aspiring creative enterpreneurs

Blended Experience project in the funds by enterprise company in order to develop new business beyond the border